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Third Party Audits

We at Godrej under take building performance audits. Third party Audit (TPA) is an independent assessment mechanism to analyze a building’s energy-using systems, such as HVAC, lighting and electrical distribution. We have a team experienced MEP engineers as well as BEE auditors to carry out various audits as per the requirements of the client.

Energy Audit

The first step in making your facility more energy-efficient is establishing an energy management program. The energy management program is a systematic on-going strategy for controlling a building's energy consumption pattern. Energy audits help to identify improvement areas for achieving energy efficiency and bringing down operating costs of facilities.

Fire Protection System Audit

Fire safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire safety standards of an organization or occupancy. A fire safety audit addresses the inherent fire hazardous associated with day to day activities in an occupancy and recommend measures to reduce the potential fire hazards. Also, it helps the people to identify the areas for improvement and evolve an action plan.

Electrical & Power Quality Audit

Power problem manifested in voltage, current, or frequency deviations result in failure or miss operation of customer equipment. Also, presence of harmonics can have a detrimental effect on the operation and on up-time of equipments. Electrical & Power Quality Audit can help identify such issues in the electrical system and suggest remedial measures.

Thermographic Audit for Electro-Mechanical systems

It is a condition monitoring technique for systems to identify problems, which if left unattended can lead to major shutdowns or catastrophes’. All equipments when operating under regular conditions have a normal operating thermal signature which is typical of the specific component being inspected. Infrared thermography presents this normal signature or baseline to us and also identifies spots with abnormal thermal signature. Thermographic audit can be conducted for equipments like transformer, electrical panels, motors, capacitor banks, circuit breakers etc. as part of preventive maintenance exercise and to detect potential anomalies in advance and act on the same.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is used to detect the early precursors to machine failure, allowing machinery to be repaired or replaced before an expensive failure occurs. Vibration analysis can also be conducted for new installations of chillers, DG sets to validate if the vibrations measured at site are as per specification.

Water System Audit

GBCS offers Water Audits, Wastewater Management and Engineering services to buildings and industrial complexes. Our objective as a company is to assist clients in reducing costly water loss on their water distribution network through water conservation and the implementation of an effective leakage control strategy. The results of the audit, based on visual inspections and measured data will be available to the client, along with a list of proposed changes which will help the client reduce water costs immediately.

Waste Stream Audit

A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by a building or business center. It can also be defined as the process of streamlining the waste generation and disposal in such a manner that no waste is sent to the landfill sites. Proper segregation of waste into wet and dry should be mandatory at waste generation site. The main intent of this audit will be to find the exact amount of waste generated, proper segregation of dry waste and methodological treatment of wet waste. ‘No waste should be sent to the landfill’, will the prime target of this waste audit.

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