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Building information modelling (BIM) is the process developing a virtual, three-dimensional, information rich model to design, construct and maintain a building project.

Building information modelling is a intelligent model-based process which not only manages graphics but also helps in automatic generation of drawings, reports and design analysis. This helps in sharing various information to support decision making about the project in early conceptual stages, based on design, construction and its operational life.

Business Information Modelling

Why BIM?

Building Owners, builders, developers and project managers are driving a move to BIM (Building Information Modelling) by requiring its implementation on their construction projects. Owners recognize that implementing BIM on projects can generate significant savings on total construction cost and on operating cost over the life of the building.

The process helps in co-ordination with Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Construction Services.


  • Enhanced coordination, less errors and quantitative error check
  • Detailed 3D Model for reference and actual visualization
  • Final GFC with all the service plans updated
  • Accurate quantity take-offs
  • Get all the GFCs before construction
  • Reduce construction wastes
  • No clashes in the service drawings which can save time, money and efforts
  • Estimate bill of quantities for construction
  • Faster project delivery
  • Better outcomes through collaboration
Business Information Modelling

Services offered

  • Creating a detailed 3D model with details of architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural and all the other services
  • Laying down and Managing the design process
  • Generating Bill of quantities of Architectural and Structural (depending upon the details and finishes provided)
  • Performing clash detection and generating a report.
  • Generating AS-Built model (Updating the model to the last changes happening on Site)
  • Generating set of coordinated architectural GFC and services drawings in 2D AUTOCAD format with elevation and any number of sections
  • Generating the site drawing with respect to all the services carrying out at site levels
  • Generating stage wise building construction model and material management plan with respect to the development on site

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